Bradford Cricket League
Umpires Discipline Report

Bradford League Umpires Disciplinary Report

This form is for the use of Umpires or other officials to report alleged misconduct.
It will be submitted to the League Disciplinary Panel Chairman and copied to the
Umpires' Association Chairman on completion of this form

Match Details:

Umpires Email Address:
Details of Incident:
Name & Club of Offender(s):
Type of Incident
Physical Abuse: Verbal Abuse: Disrepute: Dissent: Other:
If the alleged misconduct took place on the field of play, did you report the matter to the other umpire and the player(s) captain, requesting the latter to take action?
In your opinion, did the player's captain take appropriate action?
Did you inform the Player(s) that you would be reporting the incident(s) to the League for disciplinary consideration?
Did you report the incident(s) to the Player(s) Captain and inform him that you were taking the matter further?
To Whom: Name: Position:
Description of Incident
Did your colleague witness the incident?
Is your colleague able to support your version of events?
If the answer to either of the above questions is No, it is important that you have indicated in your report what your colleague can and cannot corroborate.